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“Mujeres que le hacerle al Cuento” was the presentation that the “Literary Thursday” program gave us at Casa Haas.

As every Thursday, María Muñiz was welcomed who introduced the participants: Guadalupe Cárdenas, Sara Martínez and Eutimia Osuna as narrators, and the talented young pianist Elías Esparza, who accompanied this exercise with his music which featured the story as an instrument that stimulates the imagination.

The stories narrated were: La Sunamita is one of the most famous stories by Inés Arredondo published in 1965 that belongs to her first book “La señal”, the title of this work symbolizes a character in the bible called Abisag which means Goddess of Fire, according to the bible she was an extremely beautiful woman, Abisag was the young woman who took care of David in his old age.

The second story was the work of Amparo Dávila, a Mexican writer who died in April 2020. Her story The Guest is part of the book “Tiempo destrozado” published in 1959, it is a work that is crossed by fear, madness and death.

The last story read was Historia de Mariquita created by Guadalupe Dueñas who received José María Vijil, this story recounts the horror and fantasy between fiction and reality.

At the end, the participants received recognition for participating in the Literary Thursday program promoted by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

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