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Sonoran Carolina Plat successfully presented her first feature film, the documentary “La Hora de la Siesta”, a project that was very pleasing and moving for the audience that attended the Cinema of the Municipal Arts Center, on the second day of activities of the Audiovisual Documentary Showing Mazatlan 2019.

On time to the show, dozens of moviegoers listened to the comments of the filmmaker, revealed that her work premiered in 2014, where she spent more than four years gathering elements, which together offer a critical, hard documentary, which remains in force of a fact that unfortunately has 10 years of impunity for 49 families, who after a fire lost a member of the family when they were sheltered at the ABC daycare center in Hermosillo, Sonora.

The story has as protagonists the parents of Emilia Fraijo and Julio César Márquez who liked the nickname of Yeyé, who confront the day to day without their little one, making themselves responsible for their family, and at the same time taking time to ask for justice.

When seeing the images of the minors, the tastes and activities with their parents, some of the assistants teared up, feeling part of the pain of those who narrated the histories.

The activities of MAD 2019 will continue this Saturday at  pm in the Cinemar with the keynote lecture “Documentary: record, memory and representation”, where the speakers will be the filmmakers Carolina Plat, Isaac Ruiz and Maestro Diego Martínez.

At 8 pm, José Villalobos will present details of his work “El charro de Toluquilla”, when the film will be screened. It deals with the life of a rider who contracts HIV, but who decides to change his lifestyle to take care of his daughter.

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