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The VI Theater Exhibition began in the best way, with a great talent shown by the students of the Theater Experimentation Studies Center.

The enclosure where the artists take their classes served to create cozy and different scenarios where in their microtheater modality they presented five small works.

From the empty space students generated stories mostly created by themselves that were translated into images using physical resources and above all, the passion with which exprience this art.

Hannia Natza, Dulce Guzman, Daniel Abundis, Richard Pascual and Javier Torres were the protagonists of these stories that caught a select public, among them, the General Director of the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, Marsol Quiñónez.

The VI Theater Exhibition continues with its programming tomorrow, with the staging “Las Botas Vaqueras Color Capuccino”, of the DNA Group Theater 51, the headquarters will be Casa Haas, presenting two functions at 6 and 8 pm, the entrance cost is 100 pesos.

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