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This Saturday, May 11, at 7:00 p.m., in the Casa Haas Cinema, the cycle: “Iberoamericana” continues; a sample of the latest Ariel winning films for best Ibero-American film, with the Argentine film “El Ciudadano Ilustre” (2016), by directors Mariano Cohn and Gastón Dupra.

“The Illustrious Citizen” tells the story of a self-exiled writer (Óscar Martínez), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Bored with fame, he discards all kinds of invitations to accept only one, that of his homeland, Salas, a town in the interior of Argentina, which receives him to declare him an illustrious citizen.

After living in a highly developed society, he arrives at a small airport and travels in a taxi that does not reach his destination; the deficiencies are not only material and, nevertheless, the whole town gathers to receive the famous fellow citizen.

Taken in a firetruck and shown off like a trophy with the local Beauty Queen, the writer is plunged into a world that first causes a false shyness and then condescends to the pious look of people who, he is discovering, are limited.

The film is shown in its original language, Spanish. Free admission with limited space.

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