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Adventure, excitement and fun, are some of the elements that surround the popular story “The Wizard of Oz”, a version that was adapted and will arrive in Mazatlan this Sunday, May 12, at 12:00 in the Ángela Peralta Theater, and through Spring Season 2019, will be promoted by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte.

The successful work of Frank Baum tells the story of Dorothy, a girl who lives with her uncles in Kansas, the delight begins when a tornado takes the little girl and her puppy Totó through the clouds, transporting them to the magical world of Oz, looking for her return home, a fairy advises her to look for the village magician, there she becomes three friends The Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Lion, initiating a great adventure.

This work is directed of maestro Giovanny Armenta with his group of students of the Children’s Workshop of the Municipal Center of Arts and the Children’s Choir of the same institution. There will be more than 50 artists on stage, in a work that will premiere for the Mazatlan public.

Tickets will be delivered at the Angela Peralta Theater box office and will have no commercial cost for the more than 800 places available

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