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The students of the Music Workshop as well as the Technical Level in the guitar specialty had perfect scores, when on Tuesday afternoon they had their last test before dozens of spectators in the guitar recital held in the Music Museum inside the Municipal Center of the Arts.

The students of Maestro Luis Ángel García played beautiful melodies ranging from South American classical music, to waltzes, oriental music and culminating with Mexican melodies, thus delighting the audience, who in the end paid with applause to the students.

Leonardo Rendón was the first to take the stage, playing Dos estudios de la autoría by Julio Sagreras; Gabriela Uzeta interpreted two Renaissance pieces being Greensleeves and Packington’s Pound, themes of English folklore; María Estrada played the Venezuelan waltzes La Gatica and El Negrito, both by the artist Antonio Lauro.

Javier del Valle presented El sueño de la muñeca and El Marabino, earning the respect of the audience; during his speech Luis Saucedo interpreted the songs A mi sorrel and Sons de carrilhoes; student Diego Gómez presented Caballos a la pampa and Julia Florida; while Miguel Eduardo Escalante and his guitar played variations on Sakura, with the modifications of Yuquiro Yocoh; In the final song of the gala, Hernán Salazar closed with Mexican Scherzino and Capricho Árabe.

Maestro Luis Ángel García thanked the audience for their attendance where he congratulated the parents for supporting their children during this artistic training, and acknowledging the facilities provided for them to continue on the path of professionalization.

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