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Four students of the degree and music technique in the specialty of clarinet and saxophone, performed their end-of-course test, presenting a wide musical repertoire that was liked by all attendees.

Miguel Ángel Velarde Lizárraga (clarinet) and Jesús Ernesto Cervantes Medina (saxophone), approved one more year of the four that is included in the degree, while Carlos Enrique Robles Medina (clarinet) completely concludes his specialty. Likewise, Julio César Terán Diego (clarinet), presented his recital to study one more year in the technical career.

The Music Museum of the Municipal Arts Center hosted this presentation where the classical pieces of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach and Darius Milhaud predominated.

Under the tutelage of maestro Israel Aragón Peralta, the four students subtly interpreted each musical note, achieving in the audience the amazement for the quality in their preparation.

Mauricio Morales Salazar and José Miguel Rivera, played the piano accompanying the students to enrich the recital.

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