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Close to his people, the Mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, gave the cry of Independence of the Fourth Transformation for the first time, turning the night into a real celebration enjoyed by more than 13 thousand spectators.

The party began early on with the artistic performances of the La Mazatleca Band, the Third Military Region Symphony Orchestra and a folklorico, music and traditional show, which together began to spice up the night. While in the streets that sheltered Plazuela República, citizens enjoyed a great popular festival, with Mexican snacks and typical dishes totally free.

Around 11 pm the protocol act was presented, where the Municipal President accompanied by the President of the Dif System, Gabriela Peña Chico, councilors and public officials, gave the cry of ¡Viva México! which was chanted with great fervor by the Mazatlecans.

After the “Grito” of independence, the Mayor raised the Flag and enjoyed a great pyrotechnic show with the people.

Closing with a flourish, singer Alicia Villareal appeared on stage, to receive the euphoria of the audience that was waiting for her. With songs like “Insensible a Ti”, “Y Te Aprovechas”, and “Te Quedó Grande la Yegua” among others, she deserved the applause given by thousands of attendees who enjoyed the celebration of Independence as never before.

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