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The Angela Peralta Theater continued with the activities of the International Theater Festival Escena Mazatlan 2019 with the presentation of the play “Tendal de voces en torno al suceso de las tres viejas borrachitas detenidas en el Barrio del Progreso”, a proposal by the Teatro del Wind.

The Director, Hugo Aristimuño, adapted the novel poem by Jorge Spíndola in which the writer expressed a complex, dramatic and intense reflection on the violence experienced by the homeless elderly in the neighborhoods of Patagonia.

Actors Gabriel Abayù and Carlos Irazusta, developed a staging in which crying and laughter, the harshness of reality and the vertigo of delirium, shook hands, keeping the Mazatlecan public in suspense.

From the beginning, the actors invited the audience to come closer, creating an atmosphere of great intimacy that was built with sobriety through music, projections, lights, a minimal wardrobe and a vigorous and chameleonic acting performance that made “Tendal de Voces … ” shine for its ability to bare the vulnerability and brutality to which the human being is exposed.

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