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On Tuesday night at Casa Haas, the regiomontano musician Eusebio Sánchez presented through the concert “Xilitla”, the strong cultural link that exists between Mexico and the United Kingdom.

From the name of the municipality in which the English artist Edward James created the enigmatic sculptural garden of Las Pozas, Sánchez created his own magical space: a forest of sounds built with pieces of classical and contemporary composers from both countries.

Eduardo Caballero, Manuel M. Ponce, Oliver Cristophe Leith and popular songs such as “Although the Devil Takes Me” and “La Zandunga” were executed on the marimba by Eusebio Sánchez along with texts of poetic character that evoked the strangeness and strength of the surreal vision of Edward James.

Silences, pieces of Mexican folklore landscapes and a determined effort to show how music is alive and always restless to find new paths, made “Xilitla” an event worthy of the Mazatlan Cultural Festival 2019.

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