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On Friday night, Casa Haas was visited by “A Virtual Friend”, the most recent book by Mazatlecan writer Patricia Carrillo Collard.

At the invitation of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlan, the author shared with the public the fundamental characteristics of this work: an interactive book that depends on the decisions of the readers to create different endings for a story.

Focusing on the virtual world of the Internet, the writer recounts how “Lucia”, a high school student, receives a mysterious invitation through a social network that unleashes a world of emotions, intrigue and serious reflections on what the complex and, even dangerous universe of social networks hide.

Edited by the Jalisco State Council for Culture and Arts, “Un Amigo Virtual” draws the intense experiences of children and young people, their conflicts and also, the alternatives they have to solve them.

In the end, the writer and the public created a dialogue in which they discussed the safety of the Internet, the vulnerability of children and young people and the responsibility of parents and educators to create means of prevention around such a current issue.

“A virtual friend” is for sale at the Casa del Caracol Bookstore at a price of 100 pesos.

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