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This Saturday, January 18, the first cycle of the 2020 season begins at the Cinema at Casa Haas, at 6:00 p.m., with one of three films from 2019 that have a similarity, a semi-biographical character.

The first screening is the movie “Dolor y Gloria” (2019) by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. It had its premiere within the Cannes Film Festival 2019 competing for the Palme d’Or and will compete in the 2020 Oscars in the categories of Best Foreign Film and Best Actor.

The story revolves around a character called “Salvador Mallo” (Antonio Banderas). Mallo is an experienced Spanish film director, and through an accumulation of numerous ailments, the acclaimed filmmaker has retired from public life and work only to find himself in a melancholic state. Psychologically reluctant and unable to create, he spends a lot of idle time, busy doing nothing.

Antonio Banderas offers a subtle performance full of grace and pathos when interpreting the experienced film director with health problems. A trip that fluctuates between the past and the present to be reconciled with hisown personal history. The originality and creativity of director Pedro Almodóvar refuses to define it as autobiographical; So, let’s just call it autofiction.

Admission is free with limited space. The film is screened in its original language, Spanish.

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