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Modern times require new forms of learning, before that the School of Music and Singing of the Municipal Center of Arts expands its educational offer with four workshops aimed at people who are nine years old and older, starting a safe learning adventure and in a virtual way from March to June.

Héctor Javier Reyes Bonilla, Coordinator of the School of Music, reported that the workshops are Children’s Choir, Instrument, Breath-metal Instruments and Regional Banda, where the interested parties during their training will obtain the necessary knowledge to read musical notes and master some instrument.

For the Regional Banda Workshop, students who have the pleasure of learning the typical music of Sinaloa will participate, as a requirement they must have the instrument they want to learn to master, as well as access Saturday classes with a duration of four hours per session.

The Children’s Choir workshop is aimed at boys and girls who are 9 to 12 years old, who are taught to vocalize, reach tones of voice where they do not hurt their vocal cords, classes will be held once a week on Fridays.

The offering of the Metal Instrument Workshop will be an option to master instruments such as the trumpet, trombone, tuba, saxor, among others and master different genres such as jazz, classical music, tango and Sinaloa banda, those enrolled will have classes two days a the week of 50 minutes each.

During the Instrument Workshop there will be two sessions, one for the theoretical and the other for the practical, where students will be able to play the wide variety of instruments used in an orchestra.

For more information, those interested can send an email to audiciones@culturamazatlan.com or by phone 6699824446.

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