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Quarteto Ventura performed at the Ángela Peralta Theater with the firm conviction of captivating local and foreign audiences with romantic themes but also others due to their rhythm, harmonies and melodies.

Emblematic melodies from several countries in which they have been presented, the song Yesterday was immediately applauded by the attendees, it caused admiration due to the melodious voices of its four members, it seemed short, it became almost instantaneous, apparently they wanted to continue listening and singing the song.

Volaré made the audience move from one side to the other in their seats, the words of the Director of the Ventura Quartet were confirmed: “To maintain the enthusiasm of the audience”, as an interactive concert was being built, applause to the rhythm of the melodies, laughter, singing , but above all a trip around the world through the universal language of music.

Instrumental music, singing, guitars, bass and requinto brought out the love of each attendee.

“The following song is from Argentina”, a spontaneous member of the audience applauds and shouts Argentina!, the Ventura Quartet responds: “We don’t know how to speak Argentine, but we will sing El Día que me Quieras”, the applause precedes the interpretation, the communication it was not an obstacle.

Simplicity, humility and great talent were the elements for Quarteto Ventura to have a successful presentation at the Ángela Peralta Theater.

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