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First-year students of the Bachelor of Music and Singing from the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán said goodbye to the school year with the “Summer Recital 2023” at the Museo de la Music, presentation in which they squandered talent.

Maestro Maritza Cisneros was in charge of the music production class, a dynamic and interactive recital that brought tears and applause from the attendees due to the extraordinary talent of each one of the students.

Young people from Oaxaca, the State of Mexico, Guerrero and Sinaloa showed camaraderie, empathy, teamwork and gratitude for the opportunity to express themselves artistically, freely and formally.

The following participated in the music production class: Lilia Citlali Pozos Hernández, soprano; Ángel Eduardo Hernández Bustamante, trombone and piano; Diana Itzel Ramírez Martínez, mezzo-soprano; José García Evangelista, trumpet; Francisco Alonso López Trujillo, percussion and José Alfredo Bocanegra Bocanegra, clarinet.
They performed ‘Un Viejo Amor’, ‘Pensamientos de Amor’, ‘Che faró senza Eurídice’, ‘Estudios de Expresión Majestuoso, Heratico y Cálido’; ‘Clarinete Polka’ and ‘Triplets Rag Time’.

According to the life history of the students, various social factors prompted them to make the decision to come to study at the Mazatlán Municipal Arts Center.

Maritza Cisneros expressed the importance of learning to show what they do, either for free or with some incentive, it is important to leave the classroom and be appreciated, have direct contact with the public, explain what they are doing.

“Do not assume that the public does not know anything and will not understand us, or that it is art and it does not matter if you tell them what type of art it is, what year it is from, or what you are basing it on, or what you have in mind when you do it. The most important thing is that people really like all this and connect with what you are doing, regardless of whether it is something complex or simple ”, she added.

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