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After a year of intense preparation in the classrooms of the Music School of the Municipal Center for the Arts, piano, violin and guitar students distilled talent during two end-of-course recitals.

They were approximately three hours of concert where with solos, ensembles and duets, they performed different classical pieces by great composers such as Antonio Vivaldi, Sebastian Bach, Max Bruch, Shinichi Suzuki; they played popular songs like “The Pink Panther” by Henry Mancini, and even sang their creations.

The first to appear on stage were piano students José García Bahena, Liliane Ganceda Mateos, Mía Salas Torres, Valeria Rodríguez Arámburo, Victoria Rivera Martínez, Alfredo Herrejón Guzmán, Rafael Valdez Vázquez, Dafne Alvarado Mendoza, Iliana Castillo Lucero, Damián Pérez Suárez , Isaac González Noriega, Ana Gómez Guevara, Javier Mancinas Pérez and Bard Larsen Ayala.

The teacher of the group, Raziel Pineda Alcántar, addressed a brief message to his students: “(I am) Very happy with the results, they showed everything they have worked for, the effort they have made together with their parents, and with us to always improve. The competition is with oneself and I have seen development in each one, I tell them to rest, and to meet again with the music”.

The second recital was offered by students of the violin class taught by teachers Alain Valencia, Adriana Aramburo, Janet Acosta and Martín Quintero.

Maestra Adriana Arámburo stated that she was happy and satisfied with the constant evolution of her students despite the fact that some are beginners. She had the privilege of making an ensemble with Ninfa Mariana Padrón and Sara Osuna Bernal, while Daniela Rojas played with confidence and elegance.

A similar case was experienced by the students of Alain Valencia, a member of the Camerata Mazatlán who, applying the Suzuki Method, gave the audience: Go Tell Aunt Rhody and Coro de los cazadores, among other pieces performed by Valeria Rodríguez, Valeria Aguilera and Sofia Tirado.

Thrilled, Daniel Alejandro Blanco López, a student of maestro Martín Quintero, played the violin in an outstanding way and although it was not his first recital as a soloist, it left him satisfied with the evolution he has had during this time.

The night concluded with the participation of the group led by maestra Janet Acosta. The first to play for the public was Julián Ocampo who presented the Perpetual movement and Bach’s Minuet #3; Ema Victoria Acosta Vaca, interpreted Canción de Mayo, while Claudia Tirado made the first movement in A minor by Vivaldi; Victoria Edith Salas Torres performed ‘Remando suavemente’ and ‘Canción del viento’, and Raquel Hernández Vaca delighted with the first movement of Max Bruch.

Maestra Janet Acosta considered that this type of presentation is a gift for the students.

In the end, she said she was very happy about the progress in the school year because it implies a double effort for her students since the music classes at the CMA are complementary to the education they receive at school.

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