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Raising the acting level and identifying the problems that hinder stage performance, were some of the topics addressed in the course: “Emotional health and performing arts”, taught by Alfonso Druides, to students of the Technical career in Theater Art and local actors.

According to the presenter, the course is aimed at providing tools to solve memory problems, problems of remembering scenes, teaches teamwork and understanding problems.

“It consists of reviewing specific aspects. We analyze issues that have to do with you, the environment that is surrounding you, the family, expectations, stigmas, discrimination, what is related to sexual education, today it is a topic that has to be discussed, when the person brings up this question of knowing what he feels but cannot express himself, it produces problems in memory, in his social relationship, teamwork,” he exclaimed.

During the course, the also actor noticed a favorable and receptive environment among the CMA students who were participatory, reflective and showed their artistic quality.

“The people who study in Mazatlán (CMA) are well known in the country, due to the quality of the work that is performed here, so by bringing these tools I do not want to say that we are going to improve, what I want to say is that we are going to to complete the wonderful work that is already being done, in this case within the people who do performing arts”, he said.

The course was theoretical and in the technical part they performed different exercises that contributed to improving their energy, healing some problems that will lead them to raise their level on stage, among other actions.

Maestro Alfonso Druides invited young people to dare to flow, it is important to be able to find themselves again, since there are probably pieces within them that they blocked because they do not want to touch them, it is essential that they seek emotional health, that they work that post-traumatic stress of a bad word from a loved one, even those traumatic events they may have had.

Ramón Gómez Polo, Director of the technical career in Theater Art, indicated that it will always be important to provide students with tools to unblock situations that do not allow progress and hinder creativity, and this allows them to prosper and contributes to the knowledge of each person.

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