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Students from the Music School of the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán offered a Double Bass and Cello recital at the Music Museum.

Accompanied by their teachers Maritza Cisneros (double bass), Citlali Cisneros and Luis Corrales (cello) and maestro Pablo López Mejía on piano, the eleven young people projected security and instrumental and stage mastery when addressing the repertoire enjoyed by the public from beginning to end.

Deneb Guzmán Madrigal, a student of maestra Maritza Cisneros, was the only one who played the Double Bass when interpreting the Concert in E Major by K.D. Dittersdorf and Adagio.

Kane Emiliano Mata Gamboa and Diego García Islas, students of maestro Luis Corrales gave a small sample of their mastery of the Cello when interpreting: Collection of pieces – S. Suzuki; Suite no 1 – J.S. Bach; Prelude ; Courant; Sarabande and Sonata No. 5 – Vivaldi, II movement.

Miranda Salas Torres; Beah Herrejón Guzmán; Luna P. Marquez Aguirre; Sebastian Escobar Lavalle; Keyla Cruz Lopez; Sara Aguilar Velazquez; Daniela López Leyva and Gabriel Kobylyansky Farvarshchuk, students of maestra Citlali Cisneros interpreted: French Folk Song – S. Suzuki; Ah vous dirai-je, maman – Mozart; Go tell aunt Rhody – Folk Song ; Allegro-S. Suzuki; Minuet No. 2 – J.S. Bach; Élégie Op. 24 – G. Faure; Concert No. 3 – Stamitz; Allegro with Spirito; Concert No 1 – D. Kabalevsky; Allegro and Largo, molto espressivo.

At the end, the proud parents, friends and relatives applauded the artists, went on to take pictures to remember and congratulated the young people for all the effort, love and passion they dedicate to their musical training.

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