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The performance of the Folkloric Ballet of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán on Isla de la Piedra gladdened the hearts of its inhabitants and the local authorities took the opportunity to organize a fair in order to support community medical service.


The young dancers offered a brilliant presentation as part of the Cultura en tu Comunidad program, an initiative of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán that brings culture and the arts to neighborhoods and communities in rural areas.


On this occasion, the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023 offered a fun and enjoyable afternoon on the Isla de la Piedra inhabited by locals and national and foreign residents, a place blessed with a paradisiacal beach and lush vegetation in which the water coconut predominates, the production of mango and extensive mangroves.


Silvia Lizárraga Fuentes, ejidal commissioner of Isla de la Piedra, thanked the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán for bringing moments of healthy recreation to the inhabitants of the community and announced the holding of the market with the sale of snacks to raise funds in order to improve medical service.


Starting at six in the afternoon, members of the CULTURA Folkloric Ballet under the direction of maestro Javier Arcadia and dancers from the Youth Folkloric Ballet directed by Erick Carrillo, gave a “taste” with a not very abundant but substantial repertoire composed of representative pieces from Sinaloa and Jalisco.


Around 35 dancers on stage performed a musical and dance mosaic that navigated between Jalisco Ranchero and Jalisco de Gala until reaching the indigenous, contemporary and coastal dances of Sinaloa.


From Jalisco they performed: “El carterero”, “El Son de la negra”, “La charreada”, “El Syrup Tapatío” and more; Then, surrounded by a shower of applause, the cast took the audience to the dances originating from Sinaloa with “Ensamble de venados.”


The afternoon continued and the dancing youth dusted the floor with the happy and lilting rhythm of Sinaloan music when they performed: “El toro Viejo”, “El sauce y la palma”, “El costeño”, “Sinaloa contemporaneo” and “ Aires de Sinaloa”, among other pieces from the cheerful repertoire.


Between each performance the audience reacted with effusive applause and in response the young people took up the stage with more enthusiasm until it was time to say goodbye with a real fiesta on the improvised stage placed on the community’s baseball field.

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