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An afternoon of poetry and music where the verses of Latin women were heard and vibrated, marked the beginning of Literary Thursday at the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023.

With the participation of Lupita Cárdenas, Sara Martínez, Addis Lizzete Virgen, troubadour Mundo Sánchez and the participation of María Muñiz as moderator, the group Juglarías, the voice and song of the poet, gave an enjoyable afternoon to dozens of attendees gathered at Casa Haas.

The program was made up of poetry by women from America and writers such as María Elena Walsh, Alejandra Pizarnik, Clarice Lispector, Elena Garro and Alfonsina Storni were remembered; In the musical part, Latin American trova reigned.

Lupita Cárdenas stated that the poetic afternoon leaves the message that poetry and music is for all genres, and she thanked the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán for providing this space to express that feeling.

Sara Martínez read poetry on stage and said: “We give voice to women who dedicated themselves to poetry, talented women that we are representing tonight.”

While for Addis Lizzete Virgen the event allowed: “Sharing an experience and a thought of women in their struggle to stand out, their struggle to express their feelings, and now October 12th is not a discovery, nor a meeting nor a disagreement, it is celebrating the multicultural nation, and that the women of America are multicultural.”
Some of the poems that were read were: “Nada más”, “En una cajita”, “Qué diría”, “Tu que nunca serás”, “Me acuso”, “Perfección”, “Quien mucho agrada desagrada”, “La caricia Perdida”, “La noche”, “Como la cigarra”, and “Despedida”.

Before concluding the program and moving on to the awards ceremony, troubadour Mundo Sánchez performed “Penelope”, a song that was sang by the attendees, creating a comforting atmosphere.

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