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The Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023 presented the multi-renowned Sinaloan writer Rubén Rivera and his collection of poems “Defensa de oficio” to a select audience familiar with this genre known as the manifestation of aesthetic feeling through words.

The special guest of the Literary Thursdays program featured comments from poet Víctor Luna from Culiacan and Mazatlecan writer Héctor José Domínguez, who together managed to create a literary atmosphere full of harmony.

Rubén Rivera indicated that “Defensa de oficio” published in 2010, is special, because it was written when he was deprived of his freedom, a victim of the natural repression that occurs in every modern city.

A series of napkins and pieces of paper were the canvas to capture the feelings and experiences inside prisons in Mexico, achieving romantic compositions that detail the interior of each being held, or personnel who work in a prison.

“I say that poetry is everywhere, but you have to know how to name things, but when we transform the word, we transform the world, we do it through metaphor, a method of excellence, but also with the abbreviations of thought, We make it have life, without searching, we search for the essence of the heart,” he exclaimed.

Víctor Luna gave a lecture on poetry and among his descriptions he congratulated the writer because in each poem there is an experience, and with the composition of the words one finds the feeling of a person who needs to be heard, and through this compilation one can understand what that lives or survives inside.

After a series of comments and prior to the question and answer round, the author read some poems and shook those present with his words, the first was “Insomnia”, dedicated to his first cellmate who welcomed him, a rat.

He continued with “Module 15”, followed by “Words in the Smoke”, the latter dedicated to the module guard who guarded them.

This presentation marked the closing of Literary Thursday within the billboard of the Festival Cultural 2023, and concluded when the coordinator of this program, María Muñiz, presented a recognition granted by Cultura de Mazatlán to the guest writer.

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