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With a setlist of 100% Mexican melodies performed with pure marimba, attendees at the Marimbatlán presentation during the most recent Artwalk enjoyed the formidable musical project of instrumentalist Max Carreón, musician of the Camerata Mazatlán and teacher of the Municipal Center of the Arts of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

Music is an important part of Artwalk because the tour through the exhibitors’ spaces becomes more comfortable and is contextualized with the type of objects that are also absolutely Mexican, in this case the most representative crafts from 20 municipalities of Sinaloa.

Moisés Ríos Pérez, Undersecretary of Planning, Investment and Tourism Development, mentioned in his speech that the Sectur facilities will continue to be open throughout 2024 to receive artisans from all over the state who wish to promote and sell their creations.

Sectur has invited the 18 municipalities, the artisans of the 5 Magical Towns and 12 Stately Towns of Sinaloa were also invited.

The state official said that to facilitate the transfer of tourists in Sinaloa, an intermunicipal travel system has been put into action, to make tourism an economic activity with a social meaning whose benefits benefit the inhabitants of all communities, and are not concentrated only in the great tourist destinations of the state.

He added that the marimba and danzón groups grace these tourism promotion events with the participation for the first time of Navolato and the presence of artisans from Agua Caliente de Gárate and La Noria, who achieved the designation of Stately Towns.

To conclude, Moisés Ríos Pérez mentioned that it would be very interesting to hold marimba presentations with dance groups because it would show the cultural diversification and musical quality that exists in Mazatlán.

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