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After transcending territorial limits and traveling several kilometers, the “Sombras del Desierto” A. C. Arts Company, from Saltillo, Coahuila, managed to share its passion for folk dance to the public – the majority Mazatlecans – who attended their presentation this Friday in the Plazuela Zaragoza where the dancers spread their joy by performing dances to the rhythm of the chotis, the polka and the roll.

A total of 40 boys, girls and adolescent dancers ranging from four years old and up, all pupils of maestro Luciano Figueroa, gave a lecture where harmony, synchronicity, passion and color were the elements in each of the pieces performed that locals, tourists and foreigners who attended the , liked.

The Mexican fiesta got underway with the piece “Acuña”, a typical polka from Coahuila, where six couples showed what it is like to live in the northern states where working people live together in their daily lives, wearing colorful outfits that called for attention.

In gratitude to Sinaloa, which opened its arms to them for this presentation, the first they have given outside of their native Saltillo, the little ones danced a Sinaloan scene to the rhythm of “El toro mambo”, “El Niño perdido”, and “El gallito”, and with their performance they won the applause of the public.

With “El Cascabel” they began the representation of Tamaulipan dances; To the rhythm of polka, the dancers got off the stage and distributed pulque bread to the audience and gave souvenir zarapes, thanking them for their attendance in a friendly way, and then making them dance and sharing their passion for folk dance.

Soloists Diego Ortiz Marines and Naina Alcalá Ramos took over the floor and showed how to dance the polka, with the piece “Dedos agileles” where they exuded joy and a lot of coordination to win thunderous applause.

Before concluding the festive presentation, maestro Luciano Figueroa thanked the attendance of those who were part of this wonderful afternoon and especially thanked the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, for providing them with the facilities to make their dream of dancing in this city.

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