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On Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Casa Haas facilities, the concert of soloists from the Ángela Peralta Choir “Como México no hay dos” under the direction of maestra María Murillo, filled the audience with joy. The music was provided by Mariachi Occidental.

Before a venue filled with the presence of family, friends and the general public, the singers delighted with a repertoire made up of songs in popular taste and in response the spectators were generous when applauding.

The show was nourished by the voice of Nury Espinosa; Eduardo Curiel; Dania Espinoza Juan Manuel Velázquez; Yolanda Lizárraga; Angelina Delgadillo Oscar Cervantes; Juan Manuel Piña; Lupita Orduño; Oscar Urquidi; Angela Rodriguez; Facundo Romo and María Pamplona.

The repertoire included: “If they leave us”, “Si nos dejan”, “Acá entre nos”, “El herrero”, “Cuando el destino”, ”Mi ranchito”, ”Que me vas a dar si vuelvo”, “Sufriendo a solas”, “Te solté la rienda”, “La basurita”, “México querido y lindo”, “La llorona”, “Mujeres divinas”, “Paloma negra” and had a festive finale with the interpretation of “El corrido de Mazatlán”.

The joyful event cheered up the audience, who accompanied them with applause and sang to the rhythm of the music on several occasions.

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