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A great fiesta by the sea was held Friday night during the traditional Carnaval “calcas” party.

The protagonists of the fun Carnaval meeting carried out by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte, were the beautiful and happy candidates for the crowns of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán, enthusiasticdance troupes and the public willing to enjoy the maximum Port festival.

In the roundabout that connects Rafael Buelna, Av. del Mar and Camarón Sábalo avenues, the sky was illuminated with the multicolored lights of the rockets that exploded in the heights as a prelude to the great party that will take place from February 8th to 13th.

Between enthusiastic choreographies set to music with emblematic Carnaval themes and the joy of the people who enjoyed the surprise carnival party, the candidates, and the Cultura staff, took advantage of the red light of the traffic lights that surround the busy roundabout to paste stickers on automobiles, with the permission of the drivers.

Tourists and porteños came and went and at times stopped to take photos and videos with cell phones in hand, others began to dance on the boardwalk and the majority gave smiles from their cars.

The stars in the sky illuminated this Mazatlán night, where pyrotechnics, music to the sound of the Sinaloan banda and modern rhythms, were elements contributed by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, to give life to this Port Carnaval manifestation that left spectators of different ages and nationalities more than pleased.

At around 8:00 p.m. the traditional “calcas” fight began to the astonishment of pedestrians, motorists and their companions; When the third call sounded, the party began with carnival themes, infecting those passing through the area with joy.

In the midst of an effective security device by the Instituto de Cultura in coordination with Municipal Transit, the beautiful candidates for the crowns of Carnaval Mazatlán 2024: Jasaret Álvarez, Aspasia Cárdenas, Irene Rojas, Georgina Vázquez, Rubí Mondragón, Samantha Espinosa, Andrea García, Catalina Castellanos, Carolina Ruelas, and Siu Ling Cotero took the opportunity to make themselves known, paste decals and promote the best Carnaval in Mexico.

Given the excitement caused by greeting motorists and passers-by, the beautiful contenders said they were ready for the big day of the Queens Election contest, next January 20th at the Ángela Peralta Theater.

With great enthusiasm the candidates for King of Joy: Benjamín López, Germán Orozco, Héctor Limón and Víctor Manuel García, did their work by pasting hundreds of stickers among those who circulated in one of the busiest points for tourists in this port.

The groups that filled the streets with joy on the euphoric night were from UAS, directed by Yosin Armenta; Danzart Studio, led by teacher Naysin Espinoza, and I Dance of teacher José Ramírez.

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