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Being part of the history of Carnaval de Mazatlán is an illusion for the representative of the green baton candidate for Queen, Andrea Elizabeth García Navarro, who with dedication and effort hopes to achieve a of the crowns to crystallize another dream.

With a degree in Performing Arts and a digital content creator by profession, the 23-year-old from Mazatleca knows that the path to becoming queen is not easy, as she sees in her colleagues convinced, empowered women who are also in search of the dream of being the sovereign. of Carnaval de Mazatlán “Baroque Eclipse 2024”.

“I think I am part of a generation of very strong, brave, dedicated women and I feel very happy to be part of them, I think we are all well prepared and we are preparing ourselves day by day, I feel happy, prepared more than anything and “waiting for what is going to happen during the day,” Andrea exclaimed.

During the Queen Election contest, she visualizes herself that night as a fulfilled woman, who began with a very different process from everyone else, but she believes that she will achieve the goals that she set for herself from the beginning.

Since her presentation as Candidate for Queen of the Mazatlán Carnaval, she feels very excited, happy to move forward in search of this dream that she has longed for for so long, and also because this project gives her a lot of visibility since it is part of the history of Mazatlán.

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