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With the highest contributions in the history of the reigns of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán, María Paula Velarde García managed to win the contest and will be crowned as Children’s Queen, while Héctor Limón conquered the title of King of Joy of the greatest Port festival, which with the motto: Baroque Eclipse, will take place from February 8th to 13th.

This Friday afternoon and evening the Port Carnaval unleashed passions and shouts of support were heard in the four corners of the Plazuela República, in the end the results surprised everyone.


Thousands of Mazatlecos flocked to Plazuela República to support their favorite candidates and witness a magical night, turned into a carousel of emotions for the public and the protagonists of the second and final count to elect the Children’s Queen and King of the Joy of Carnaval Mazatlán.

When the results were known, María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz, President of the Mazatlán DIF System, placed the band King of Joy and Queen to Children to those who registered the highest vote in the contest.

To become the new children’s sovereign of the port’s greatest festival, María Paula I registered one million 200 thousand 220 votes; Givanna I was named Queen of Poetry after counting 68,500 votes, both will succeed Melanie Alarcón, Children’s Queen of Carnaval 2023, and Ivanna Arámburo Queen of Poetry of that same edition on the throne.

In the King of Joy contest, Héctor Limón completed his personal metamorphosis by registering one million 20 thousand votes, surpassing the now Royal Prince Benjamín López who added 150 thousand votes; Víctor Manuel became Marquis by accumulating 110 thousand votes; while Germán Orozco with 65,011 economic votes will be the Duke in Baroque Eclipse.

With a Sinaloan band “Los Papaquis” they sounded announcing the arrival of the new royalty, then the sky lit up with fireworks that announced the closing of a great night where the joy and euphoria of the Mazatlans reigned in the square.

The colorful party was filled with brightness and color with the participation of the Vilanova Dance Art Center, under the direction of choreographer Montserrat Millán. Dozens of dancers came out in typical Carnaval clothing, and to the rhythm of Brazilian samba they created a festive atmosphere on the open-air stage.

A fundamental part of this party was the presence of the Royalty of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2023 headed by Alejandra Tirado, Queen of the Carnaval; Víctor Quiroz, King of the Carnaval; Uma Tirado, Queen of the Floral Games; Melanie Alarcón, Children’s Carnaval Queen; and Ivanna Arámburo, Queen of Poetry.

The candidates for sovereigns of Carnaval Mazatlán 2023, Jasaret Álvarez, Aspasia Cárdenas, Irene Rojas, Georgina Vázquez, Rubí Mondragón, Samantha Espinosa, Andrea García, Catalina Castellanos, Carolina Ruelas and Siu Ling Cotero, showed off their beauty and friendliness during the catwalk and on the stage where they danced and greeted the public.

Spirits never faltered, as the versatile rhythm of Grupo Fussión made people of all ages dance, and with cumbias, reggaeton, and salsa, among other genres, joy was always on the surface.

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