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Gordon Campbell showed the solid connection he has with the public that loves music in all its forms, Carnaval of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns was a great success so that individually the Musicians from the Camerata Mazatlán will show the interpretive skills that have placed them at the high level they occupy.

The first part of the concert was a teaching-learning session in which attendees had fun and learned to identify the sounds of land and aquatic animals, including birds, which from roosters to swans make up the Carnaval of the Animals. Violins, Viola, Cellos, Double Basses, Flute, Clarinet and Pianos formed the ecosystem.

It should be noted that in this first part of the concert the audience applauded the eloquence of maestro Campbell and the members of the Camerata Mazatlán, and pianist José Miguel Rivera and his student Elías Esparza showed empathy and perfect synchronicity when performing the piece Pianistes (Pianists), they extracted the sound of the palms of the attendees’ hands.

Without hesitation, Maestro Campbell praised young Mazatlecan talent Elías Esparza, his words were tender and emotional as he indicated that he is proud to support and present the musical promises that are being formed in the classrooms of the Municipal Arts Center of the Instituto de Cultura from Mazatlán.

After the intermission they performed the complete musical work, there was laughter, applause and fun when the animal sounds emitted by the musical instruments were perfectly identified, turtles, elephants, kangaroos, fish, chickens and donkeys until the swan sounded, Orlando Idrovo left the attendees captivated by musically drawing the elegant bird in the minds of the attendees.

Without a doubt, Carnaval of the Animals is one of those concerts where the public is part of that wonderful, paternal and academic ecosystem called, the Gordon Campbell Season.

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