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He has a violin and he has a virtue, but above all he has the humanity and humility of a great young teacher.

Alexandre Da Costa performs this Saturday at the Ángela Peralta Theater at the Evening of the Arts with the concert titled Stradivarius Barock Symphonique. He will play his valuable violin and at the same time will conduct the Camerata Mazatlán.

Prior to the concert, the writer Elsa Cross, Mazatlán Prize for Literature 2024 for her work “Isla Negra”, will receive the award and a financial prize of 100 thousand pesos provided by UAS as a stimulus to her creative activity in the world of the writing.

The music you perform comes to refresh our souls with this fusion of classical music with jazz, pop, rock, disco and danzón, you are daringly successful with your musical idea.

“It is true that I dare, and I really like to dare to do different things, I have studied what classical music is for a long time, I have played 2000 very pure concerts, very formal, very respectful of classical music, I continue giving concerts for the world with symphonies, concerts, great works, with the baton, with the violin in a serious way, but from time to time I believe that any human needs a little air and I believe that the composers themselves have not always been super serious in the A to Z.”
Mozart was a person who had a lot of humor, Beethoven had a creativity with his friends, these artists wanted to excel in their time and also to please people, so in our times there are many offers of entertainment and music and styles, there are the pure classic, there is the pure jazz, but from time to time make a fusion between these different styles and recognize that each one has the good, its own thing, that can be mixed with the old and the new.”

“To me it seems like a moment of great joy on stage, meeting new musicians too, playing this repertoire, having no artistic boundaries, and obviously, it’s not what I do every day, but when I have the opportunity to do a concert like this , with all my energy, and everything that I have learned with the violin and that I can share, because the truth is that after more than 20 years of concerts with the violin, I feel very free, so, I improvise a little, transform a piece is like the next level of creativity for me and it is refreshing.”

This Evening for the Arts concert fits perfectly because we are in the year 2024 and we are celebrating Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán Eclipse Barroco and we are going to listen to a playful, motivating, happy repertoire like a Carnaval! There is a Carnaval of instruments and of notes and beauty! All this to celebrate art and literature with music from you, with creations by Alexandre Da Costa.

“It is true that it is a perfect program for a Carnaval, we are smiling from the beginning of the concert to the end, and today I have met many musicians who did not know much about what the concert was about, and perhaps they thought that we were going to be very rigid with the form, the structure and everything and I have told them ‘No, no, this is a free concept!’

“We are going to try things, we are going to make our little inside jokes that we can share later with the public, and when we are musicians of this professional level we can play with our instruments, it gives us the opportunity to create, and creating is not a thing. easy, because for a long time we classical musicians have been copying and pasting, and we put 5 or 10 percent of ours, of our way of seeing things, of our sound, but we are not facing a blank page as they have composers and painters, all those who are artists and who have to really create at 100 percent. Obviously we are not trained to be composers here, but to have a little bit of a space for creativity, for a little bit bigger creation and a space as well. to be free, that is important,” concluded Alexandre Da Costa.

His presentation will be this Saturday, February 3rd at 8:00 pm at the Ángela Peralta Theater; tickets available at the box office, prices from $800 to $550 pesos.

Éste artículo fue publicado en Angela Peralta Theater Press, Press. .

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