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Thanks to the agreement signed by the heads of the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan and the Union of Workers at the Service of the City Council of Mazatlan, STASAM, the creation, dissemination and practice of fine arts will grow in the short term.

After several years of attempting a negotiation, this Friday afternoon at the offices of the Instituto de Cultura, the agreement was formalized where the staff of more than one thousand unionized workers along with their families, can obtain a scholarship to study in any workshop, Technical Degree or Degree offered by the Municipal Center of the Arts, if they wish.

Marsol Quiñónez Castro, head of the Instituto de Cultura, expressed her excitement for what was achieved, since there will be hundreds of direct beneficiaries, in addition, this type of action demonstrates that art and culture are available to everyone.

“We managed to sign this agreement that consists of a support for all the children of the unionized partners where they will receive a 50 percent scholarship in what is the CMA in all the specialties we have, as well as a support so that they can attend all events with a significant discount, ”she said.

Jesús Osuna Lamarque, General Secretary of STASAM, thanked those involved who were part of this agreement, since in their database they have more than a thousand people represented, in addition to more than 400 children under 13 with taste and affinity for culture, writing and the arts, opening the gap for the formation of new generations of artists.

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