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The Municipal Center of Arts of the Institute of Cultura, offers a range of workshops and technical degrees for all types of public, the Fine Arts Workshop is one of the options that Mazatlecans have to learn and capture all their creativity.

Drawing, engraving, painting, sculpture and ceramics are some of the aspects that are taught in these workshops aimed at children (from 7 years old), youth and adults, classes are from Monday to Saturday with different schedules.

In addition to offering these courses, you have the option of studying the Technical Career in Fine Arts with official validity by the Secretariat of Public Education, which concludes in three years, the classes are from Monday to Friday with morning hours.

Within the technical career, the fine arts are studied in depth, with a very complete plan that takes subjects such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, art history, and English, among others.

The requirement to register is to have a minimum age of 15 years and to have completed secondary school.

The deadline to register for the workshops is June 22, while for the technical career it is the 21st of the same month. For more information, call 982 4446 and 982 4447.

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