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More than 10 years of work, product collected from therapies, as well as workshops given in different parts of the Mexican Republic with people of different ages, sexes and social status, Mexican writer and gestalt specialist, Agustín Arellano ,presented his most recent work called “Arterapia y Gestalt”, where he invites the human being to rediscover himself to overcome the barriers that limit him.

The outdoor area of ​​the Theater Experimental Studies Center was the perfect setting where dozens of attendees interacted with related topics for more than 90 minutes.

Xóchitl Quintero, academic coordinator of the Municipal Arts Center, a unit belonging to the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan, gave an opinion on the book which will be available in the next days of sale on the Amazon platform, digitally or can be physically sent to customers.

Quintero comments that the piece is a good option for mental health professionals, so they have alternatives and that art is a safe mechanism to build trust and encourage children.

In the end the audience had the opportunity to interact with the author and during the talk they gave each other feedback, while some attendees were winners of books presented by the author.

Other works of his include “Celebrating the Body of Light”, and “Academy of Dreams”, among others, which invite all to know the human body and contacts with nature.

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