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This Saturday, April 6, at the Casa Haas cinema, the film “Elle” by Dutch director Paul Verhoeven will be screened. Winner of the Palme d’Oro at Cannes 2016 in addition to a Golden Globe and César for Best Foreign Film.

“Elle” develops a complex psychological portrait of Michèle Leblanc (Isabelle Huppert), a cultured and wealthy executive director of a video game company; divorced and with a spoiled adult son. Soon we find that she is raped in her home by a masked intruder in addition to being humiliated by a joke in her work. From there “Elle” is deeply immersed in a dangerous territory, a disturbing provocation, but not for Michèle but for those around her. “Elle” is not a thriller that seeks justice, the drama of what happened or a victim. There is no fable; just rage.

Isabelle Huppert delivers a brilliant performance in the domain of a multifaceted and falsely controlled character.

The film is projected in its original language, French, with subtitles in Spanish free admission with limited space.

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