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Continuing with the Cycle: “Writers”, this Saturday at 7 pm at the Cinema at Casa Hass, the film “Capote” (2006), directed by Bennett Miller, will be shown, which features a brilliant and generous performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman who won the Oscar for best actor and helped him to be considered one of the best actors of his generation.

The film tells the story of when Capote learns the news about the murder of a family in Kansas at the hands of two criminals. Determined to demonstrate that good literature can be made on the basis of nonfiction, Capote convinces the editor of The New Yorker and with his friend Harper Lee (Catherine Keener), also a writer, about the what happened. Capote interviews the two murderers (Clifton Collins Jr. and Mark Pellegrino) who are sentenced to death, and is fascinated by one of them.

The film is screened in its original language, English with Spanish subtitles. Free entry with limited space.

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