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Last Monday in the Music Hall of the Municipal Center of Arts of Mazatlán the results of the children’s story and drawing contest “El COVID-19 y Yo” were announced.

The event was led by Juan Manuel Flores, director of the Mazatlán Municipal Arts Center; maestra Monica Rice, Coordinator of Fine Arts of the CMA, and Juan José Rodríguez, coordinator of Literature of the CMA.

In the discipline of drawing the Category A awards went to: Iker Danilo Pérez Molina (first place), Natalia Galicia Chávez (second place) and Bryan Alfredo Dorantes Osuna (third place). In addition, an honorable mention was given to Ixchel Yolanda López Pérez.

In Category B, the prizes went to: German Ramírez Zatarain (first place), Aarón Alejandro Terraza Chávez (second place) and Jesús Ramón Cota Aguirre (third place). Honorable mentions were also awarded to: Lenitza Johana Cervantes Esquer, Mariana Meave Valdez and Sophia Monserrat López Audelo.

In the story discipline, because the works received in Category A did not meet the criteria of the contest, the jury decided to declare it closed since the texts were explanatory, not literary.

For this reason, only Category B awards were presented, which went to: Samantha Patricia López Vizcarra (first place), Miyuki Michelle Ledesma Zacarías (second place), Marijose Tatnahy Sobampo Tovar (third place), and an honorable mention for María Guadalupe Ramírez Solís.

The total number of works received for the “El COVID-19 y Yo” contest was 14 drawings and 7 short stories. In the story discipline, the jury was made up of maestros Sabrina Tolosa de los Santos, Humberto Trujillo Campo and Juan José Rodríguez; while the drawing discipline had the participation of maestros Mónica Rice, Cecilia García and Miguel Flores.

The awards ceremony will take place at Casa Haas on Monday, August 10 and Tuesday, August 11.

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