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This Friday night, the Angela Peralta Theater became the graduation stage for Generation 19 of the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán through the function “Devenir”.

Based on the universal principle that indicates that the only constant in life is change, “Devenir” (becoming) reflected the way in which 11 young artists have worked hard during the last 4 years (including the chaotic months marked by the COVID-19 pandemic), to express the enormous power that art possesses to transform the perception of the world and overcome obstacles.

Luz Alicia Bacasehua Morales, Regina Chávez Covarrubias, Alexandra Elenes Soltero, Maritza Gabriela Elizalde Loranca, Manuel Ricardo Hernández Suárez, María Fernanda Martínez Miyar, Natalia Andrea Espino Rochín, Alejandra María Rivera de la Mora, Hugo Alberto Rojo Vázquez, Rubí Alexandra Hernández González and Rodrigo Agraz Ramírez were the protagonists of three choreographies: “Catástrofe”, “¡Que viva la tristeza!” and “Nostromo”.

The first, a choreography created and directed by Xitlali Piña, was unfolded in front of the audience like a canvas of vertigo and mysteries thanks to the physical and interpretive strength of the dancers.

Later, it was “¡Que viva la tristeza!”, An extensive piece by Víctor Manuel Ruiz inspired by the life and work of the Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar who, between the theatrical and the dance, splashed the audience with humor, mischief, extravagance and eroticism.

Finally, it was “Nostromo”, a piece prepared and directed by maestro Mizraím Araujo (guest choreographer) that shone for its intensity and power, making the closing of this presentation a true laboratory of movement and imagination.

The closing of the event came with the academic act led by maestros Víctor Manuel Ruiz and Claudia Lavista, co-directors of the EPDM, and by maestra Zoila Fernández, Artistic Director of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán (who was present as the representative for José Ángel Tostado, Director of CULTURA) who officially graduated the 11 young promises of contemporary dance that shone tonight.

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