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This Friday night at the Angela Peralta Theater, the activities of the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2020 of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán shone through “Ensayos”, a dance mosaic directed by maestro Guillermo Carrillo hand in hand with maestro and choreographer Agustín Martínez.

Starting from a simple scenography that evoked the vibrant atmosphere of a dance hall, “Ensayos” was transformed into a fusion, a festival of styles: classic, neoclassical, contemporary, urban and more, all gathered under the lights, music and the magic of dance.

In this way, the grace and subtlety of ballet were united with the innovative spirit of modern dance and exploded under the libertarian energy of the urban in an eloquent example that dance, in the end, always expresses the infinite possibilities of creativity and creativity. passion.

Alina Rodríguez, Oscar Trejo, Magda Romero, Aramara Ayala, Marta Alcaraz and Alejandro Izquierdo were some of the dancers who participated in pieces such as “Une Femme”, “El Sofa”, and in various pas de deux such as “Adagio de las Rosas” and “La Muerte del Cisne”. In addition, the function had the participation of musicians Juan Pablo García (piano), Citlali Cisneros (cello) and Vinny Alonso Lizárraga (violin).

Thus, “Ensayos” went from grace to grace, from delicacy to eroticism, from rigor and precision to spontaneity and self-confidence in a performance that, from beginning to end, aroused the emotions of the public.

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