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This Saturday at 5:00 pm, through the Facebook page Cultura TV, the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán continues with its activities with the theater show “Coyólim, the Adventures of a Yoreme Child” from the Delta Teatro group, which will be broadcast live from the Angela Peralta Theater.

Under the direction of Alejandro López, “Coyólim, the Adventures of a Yoreme Child”, will tell the story of a little boy of the Mayo-Yoreme ethnic group from the north of Sinaloa, who must rescue a species of butterfly called “cuatro espejos” (four mirrors) from extinction since its cocoon is essential in the elaboration of the rows of tenábaris that the dancers of his town place on their feet for their ritual dances.

This staging will maintain the tradition of Grupo Delta Teatro: a commitment to the power of oral narration, regional color and the combination of actors, puppets and clowns in a theater that is unconcerned with formalities, popular and made for the viewer.

The transmission of “Coyólim, the Adventures of a Yoreme Child” begins at 5:00 pm, on the Facebook page: “Cultura TV”.

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