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Concerned about the future of graduate students who still do not have their documents that accredit them as graduates, the Municipal Center of Arts began Degree Day on December 15, which will end on April 30, 2021.
Xóchitl Quintero Lizárraga, Educational Coordinator of the Municipal Arts Center, indicated that there is a lot of interest in the graduates, one example is that from the first day five people came to process their degree, covering the quota of four thousand pesos.
This program is aimed at all those students who academically completed their study program in the Singing, Music and Contemporary Dance degrees, with this support the degree fee is economically reduced by up to 200 percent.
Quintero Lizárraga assured that, at the end of each school year, approximately only 20 percent decide to start the process of their professional title, which takes a process of up to three months, and the current day gives students the opportunity to professionalize, thus increasing their job opportunities.
For more information, those interested should send an email to cma.titulación@gmail.com and depending on their need, the process will be initiated, during this time all applicants will have personalized professional attention

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