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The seats covered with the North American community that resides in the Port of Mazatlán, the concert “Rob Lamonica and Friends” was a success held at the Angela Peralta Theater, thus marking another triumph at the 2020 Mazatlán Cultural Festival organized by the Municipal Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

There were 10 musicians on stage that presented a cheerful, versatile repertoire, with music performed in English and Spanish where the attendees enjoyed each song, cheering the artists on stage at every opportunity.

On this occasion the cheered musicians were Rob Lamonica (piano), Henry Small (violin), Lori Davidson (voice / guitar), Lola Parks (voice / guitar), Madaí Leyva (voice / guitar), Luis Ornelas Páez (guitar), Steven Silvestre Ortega (percussion), Omar Ríos (drums), Benito Meschoulam (guitar), and Rick Reed (bass).

On this night, Lamonica demonstrated why Mazatlán is one of the most vibrant musical centers in Mexico, by taking the TAP stage with a multicultural group with which he has been able to play over the years, achieving an endearing chemistry.

With this type of show, the Instituto de Cultura directed by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, demonstrates its commitment to the artistic community of the port by opening the doors to events that promote any manifestation of fine arts, in addition to continuing to comply with Mayor Quimico Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres’ mandate, to bring culture to all corners of the municipality.

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