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Maestra Nina Farvarshchuk, an artist born in Odessa, Ukraine, came to Mexico to stay and since 2019 she has belonged to the Camerata Mazatlán and has not stopped making music with her violin.

Accompanied by her inseparable instrument, last Friday she went out to conquer the Casa Haas stage again together with her son Gabriel Kobylyansky Farvarshchuk on cello and maestro Eduardo Pérez on piano.

Musicians and teachers from the Municipal Center for the Arts united through Concert Trío staged a musical evening enjoyed by the audience gathered in the old mansion on Mariano Escobedo and Heriberto Frías streets.

Among the repertoire they performed Elegiac Trio No. 1 in G minor, a composition by S. Rachmaninov for piano, violin and cello that begins with a mournful piano melody.

Allegro Apassionato for Cello and Piano by C. Saint Sains plucked the chords of fascination with the deep yet smooth sound of the cello, while the piano and violin generated a slide of emotions with Sonata C-moll for violin and piano by E/ Grieg.

The repertoire included Fantasiestücke (three fantastic pieces for cello and piano) by R. Schumann, among other works selected by the members of the Concert Trio who received reciprocal applause from the audience for the beautiful soundscapes produced that night.

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