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Songs that make you sigh and are love poems arising from the inspired artistic vein of Fernando Valadés Lejarza were performed during the tribute to the prolific Mazatlecan pianist and singer-songwriter who achieved fame in the decade of the 50s.

More than 100 people, including the sons, daughters, grandchildren and other relatives of the notable artist from the Port, attended Casa Haas Thursday to enjoy the artistic legacy of the creator of around 200 songs dedicated to love.

It was a night of poems and songs accompanied by nostalgia and the harmonious sound of the musical instruments of the group Juglarías and guest musicians from the Municipal Arts Center.

“Yo voy hacer un diccionario”, the title of one of his most emblematic songs, gave its name to the evening harmonized with the sweet sound of the flute of maestra Frida Fernández, the piano of maestro José Miguel Rivera; the violin of Alain Chenier Valencia Rea; the percussion of Omar Ríos and the voices of José Ramón Rojas Garzón, Roberto Loera, Ileana Osuna Bejarano, Sóçrates Figueroa and Christopher Boccard, grandson of the honored artist.

With María Muñoz in charge of conducting the event wrapped up by Literary Thursdays, the tribute carried out in collaboration with the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, was enjoyed by dozens of people who packed the seats of the venue, while around 30 attendees preferred to witness the show standing up, rather than lose the opportunity to experience that magical night full of emotional memories.

By way of poems, Luis Antonio Martínez Peña recited the songs: Brisas mazatlecas, Aquella tonadita; La última carta and Por qué no he de llorar.

In the musical part, the memorable pieces were interpreted: Cántale al mar, Una noche te pido, No vuelvas, Poco corazón, Regalo del Cielo, La última carta, Cómo de que no, Por qué no he de llorar and Diccionario.

Singers Ramón Rojas, Ileana Osuna, Sócrates, Roberto Loera and Christopher Biccard participated.

One of the most emotional and applauded moments was the interpretation of “Asómate a mi alma”, an emblematic song by Fernando Valadés also recited by Roberto Loera and performed by Christopher Boccard, whose performance generated sighs and effusive bravos! among the public.

In the final part of the recital, the cast received the recognition and thanks of CULTURA to give way to the projection of a short film on the life and work of the honoree and a photographic and record exhibition that revealed the most intimate and transcendent moments of the professional career of the famous Mazatlecan artist.

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