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Students of Professor Luis Ángel García at the Municipal Center for the Arts presented a classical guitar recital at the Music Museum.

The students participated in this string meeting: Cristóbal Osuna Castellanos, Abel Rosas, Jorge Samuel Valdés Ponce, Iram Baruc Camacho Rea, Axel Peraza Segura and the new Music Technician, Gael Cruz, who performed pieces that demand concentration and difficulty.

Luis Ángel García, classical guitar teacher, mentioned that the recital is the result of a year of teaching-learning in the group made up of students whose ages fluctuate between 13 and 20 years.

The students must show the execution of the instrument with technique, the correct postures and positions of the hands, and from there apply everything they learn in the classroom, music theory, reading notes and applying them to the instrument, he added.

For his part, Gael Cruz, expressed that he will continue his Bachelor of Music and is completely sure that the career offers many possibilities such as writing music for movies, creating music and songs and composing for other musicians.

“Today I complete my cycle and obtain my Music Technician degree, the CMA left me with a very broad knowledge of music, not only the one we know popularly, but also the background it has, even in what is erroneously known as classical music. and all the history that comes along with it and the rules, celebrated Gael Cruz.

The young an values classical guitar affirming that one can live from the arts, because there are many branches that arise from the arts.

“It is much thought that (if you live) from the arts you starve, and that is a very incorrect thought. There are so many places and so many ways of working and I think it is one of the noblest and most necessary jobs”.

Gael Cruz concluded that the CMA provides quality music education and it is not necessary to look for a conservatory or school elsewhere, in another state.

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