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Opening night was the performance “Impulso Latente”, an end-of-classes program where students from the Mazatlán Professional Dance School showed their progress as dancers, illuminators and creators at the Ángela Peralta Theater.

There were 13 dance pieces created mostly by the students, under the advice of their teachers, while maestro Víctor Ruiz, and Israeli Ronen Izhaki, guest artist, gave thanks to the exchange project between the EPDM and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, who did a residency in the port this school year, also contributed works of their own to this program.

On stage, more than 20 students used body language to express in a different way the stories, events, their evolution as artists, through an intense self-exploration developed in the classrooms in the Creative Works subject, where they found their own light from the movement to create poetic scenes.

They were in pieces such as Tótem, Presa, Tumultum, Carroña, Vivantí, Distinto, Abbey, Ausente, Idek, En-Seña-Me, Mundo Olvidado, Roto, and Sudando Lágrimas, where the students starred with solos, duets, trios, and collectives. causing a great sensation in the attendees, who, in addition to contemporary dance at the highest level, were captivated by the lighting and scenery.

Yael Fernández Moreno, a sixth semester student and one of the protagonists of Abbey, said he was very happy with his work and considered that his time at the EPDM was a way to discover himself as dancers and as a team. His interpretation was an almost theatrical piece based on lip sync, where they addressed love and what he knows how to conquer the loved one, personally he conquered more than one person in the audience with his gaze.

Raúl Moreno, one of the three performers of Vivantí, said he felt excited with their participation, because from his point of view the piece was very creative due to the elements they used such as colorful uniforms, many enjoyed it since it was based on waacking, transported to contemporary , making a work that is enjoyed to dance, something genuine for him and his companions, product of the talent of the student Jéssica Arellano from Guadalajara.

At the end of each piece, the ovations were felt, leaving the stage ready so that this Saturday, July 1st at 8:00 p.m. at the Ángela Peralta Theater, the EPDM graduation function can be enjoyed.

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