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A recital with a program that explored different styles, authors and eras of lyrical singing was enjoyed by passers-by, family members and friends of the students of the Opera Workshop of the Municipal Center for the Arts directed by maestro Enrique Patron de Rueda.

The portico of the Ángela Peralta Theater was the setting for the performance of the virtuous performers Sheyli Batzin, soprano; Gerardo Sosa, baritone; Alejandro Yepez, tenor; Rosa Ferreiro, mezzo-soprano, and soprano Vanesa Gama, who, led by maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda; the diction teacher Rebeca de Rueda and the musical accompaniment of pianist Juan Carlos García, generated great expectation among the public gathered in Plazuela Machado.

The repertoire made up of opera arias and zarzuela romances was performed in Italian, French, Spanish and German and included the works: ‘La ci darem la mano’, ‘Porgi Amor’, ‘Hai già Vinta la causa’, ‘Dies Bildnis ‘, ‘Habanera’, ‘Oh! quante volte’, ‘Signore, ascolta’, ‘Questo Amor vergogna mia’, ‘Ella mi fu rapita’, ‘All’afflitto è dolce il pianto’, ‘Cuando es tan hondo’, ‘Luche la fe por el triunfo’ y ‘Que te importa que no venga’, by various authors, including: Mozart, Bizet, Puccini, Donizetti, Verdi, Serrano and Moreno Torroba.

Sitting or standing on the paving stones of the square, the audience enjoyed each performance, was moved during the surprising open-air recital, applauded the artists loudly, took photos and recorded the pleasant musical experience with their cell phones.

Mezzo-soprano Rosa Ferreiro commented on her intention to carry out activities to raise funds for her trip to Peru in October in order to participate in the Latin American Lyrical Singing Contest convened by Radio Filarmonía.

The young woman with a promising career in national bel canto affirms that studying at the Opera Workshop is something very beautiful, it is something very intense in life.

“I learned to socialize here, I learned to love freely, in the workshop we have a lot of trust among all of us and it is something that I did not expect, when I got to singing classes I thought it would be something only technical, but I realized that it teaches you several social, external things and in general if you want to be in some art, I think you should dare to try it and don’t care what anyone says”.

Soprano Vanesa Gama feels very grateful to all the maestros and especially to the audience that endured the heat during the recital.

She stressed that the Opera Workshop is open to all people interested in the study of learned music.

The classes are run byf incredible teachers and there is a super good vibe between us and more than teachers and students we are a family, she added.

Baritone Gerardo Sosa, originally from Guatemala, shared that he came to Mazatlán with the intention of entering the CULTURA Opera Workshop invited by maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda and four years later, his career has almost started.

The soprano Sheyli Batzin considered that having traveled from Guatemala to study opera under the guidance of maestro Enrique Patrón has been worth it because she continues to learn and aspires to reach very high as a singer.

The tenor from Guanajuato Alejandro Yepez, graduated with a Singing Degree of the Superior School of Music of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, winner of two prizes in the grand finale of the XL National Singing Contest “Carlo Morelli”: the Mexico Opera Studio Award and the Special Fine Arts Award, highlighted the quality of teachers such as Enrique Patrón and Juan Carlos García and the facilities to study and at the same time participate in contests and events that help improve professional training.

Teacher and pianist reviewer Juan Carlos García specified that the teachers of the Opera Workshop give timely follow-up to the professional development of their students and make them see their mistakes so that they can correct them until they learn and can correctly interpret the works “automatically”, the idea is that the Workshop is their solid base, he pointed out.

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