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Members of the Folkloric Ballet of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán under the direction of maestro Javier Arcadia joined this Saturday the celebration of the patron saint festivities in honor of San Juan in the Villa Unión union .

Dancers from the Folkloric Ballet and the Youth Ballet joined the fiesta, dancing in honor of San Juan, the patron saint of this syndicate located in the south of Mazatlán.

In the middle of the square, next to the San Juan Bautista Parish, the CULTURA dancers offered a tour of the traditional dances of Sinaloa, Durango and Nuevo León and during the program they accompanied singer Oscar Gómez in some performances to the delight of the public.

With joy and overwhelming energy, the dancers achieved a special connection with hundreds of spectators who filled the central square lined with vendors selling food, sweets, and mechanical games.

For this presentation, 12 CULTURA workers built a stage almost 16 meters wide by more than 8 meters deep, the largest that its inhabitants have ever seen in the community, and on this pavilion the current kings of the Patron Saint Festivities of Villa Union.

The dance program included the Dance of the Deer, El Sinaloense, El sauce y la palma, Costa and El Coyote, among other representative pieces from Sinaloa, Durango and Nuevo León, which helped create a festive atmosphere to the delight of the spectators.

On behalf of the Municipal President of Mazatlán, Edgar González Zatarain, the Chief Official, Rogelio Olivas, attended, and the General Director of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, Raúl Rico González, among other officials, were present.

That night of celebration in honor of the Patron Saint of Villa Unión, the following conquered the stage: Alejandro and Aidé I, children’s sovereigns of the Carnaval of Villa Unión; Karely I and Alejandro, Queen and King of Carnaval 2023 of said syndicate; Daniela I, Queen of Poetry; Lizzi I and David, sovereigns of the 2023 patron saint festivities, who were crowned by the Trustee Leopoldo Guerrero and the Mayor of Mazatlán, Rogelio Olivas. At the end of the coronation a shower of fireworks adorned the sky.

The public that packed the square followed each step of the members of the Ballet Folklórico de Cultura with emotion and rewarded with loud applause the artistic performance of the dancers and the singer Oscar Gómez who received the love and applause of the people of his land.

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