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Students who learn to play the violin with the guidance of maestra Nina Farvarshchuk at the Music School of the Municipal Center for the Arts, captivated the public present at the open class offered with their performances at the Music Museum.

The repertoire generated various emotions and included pieces by different authors such as Jean-Baptiste Lully, Gioseffo Hectore Fiocco, Aleksey Yanshinov, Sebastian Bach, and Amadeus Mozart, among other famous composers.

The students who experienced this concert-like experience were: Jorge Alberto Leos Holcombe, Pablo Daniel Ibarra Campos, Emily Airam Robles Espinoza, David Eduardo Cuadras Marcial, Ada Lizeth Gil Ochoa, students from different grades ranging from the Music Workshop, up to the Bachelor of Music level at the Municipal Center of the Arts.

Nina Farvarshchuk, the students’ teacher, considered that they all made a lot of progress regardless of their level, for them it is very important because the most difficult thing is to face the public, and they have to learn to fight against their nerves, thus gaining a lot of experience.

“I like that my students present themselves, it helps them in the future to go out on a professional stage and face the public, also to express themselves with the violin because it is their extension. I believe that with these activities an artist is being formed, because the student goes from reading notes to transmitting what a composer wrote”, said the teacher.

Jorge Alberto Leos Holcombe, a basic level student, indicated that being in front of the public causes him great joy and nerves, but he prepared intensely with the help of teacher Nina, whom he thanks for her patience and dedication, and dedicated his performance to his mom Sarah Holcombe.
David Eduardo Cuadras Marcial, a Music Degree student, participated with ‘Chaconne’ by Antonio Vitali, a somewhat dramatic piece with which he identifies due to personal situations.

“Personally, I don’t get nervous days before the concerts, just prior to my presentation, I felt happy since in this recital I enjoyed everything I learned in the semester and the year. My goal is to continue giving concerts and playing beautiful pieces to continue generating different feelings in people,” the artist concluded.

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