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In an open class of the Body Expression subject of the technical career in Theater Art by maestro Damayanti Galvez González, more than 15 students of all levels showed that their body is a visual communication instrument.

There were six dance pieces accompanied by contemporary music, in which the students became choreographers, building everything from an idea in class, which they developed for weeks to deliver a product that convinced the teachers present at Casa Haas.

Ramón Gómez Polo, coordinator of the CMA Theater School, indicated that what the students do helps to improve their body expression, since an actor must be agile and have a good performance on stage, the actor’s instrument is his body and You have to be well trained in every way, physical and mental.

“The objective was met and we must improve, of course every day, even those of us who dedicate ourselves to this always have to be in constant training, there are always objectives beyond what has been achieved, so it can be improved”, however, the young people did excellent work, he exclaimed.

Jorge Chavarín, a third year student of the technical career in Theater Art indicated that it was a great experience for him, since he was able to prove himself as a creative artist, taking a personal theme such as materialism, he made a perfect piece, while in a duet he was able to improvise together to your couple.

“I felt very good, very comfortable, it was a beautiful experience, I was able to do things that I’m not used to and I was able to explore another side, it was very interesting to explore that part and show it to the public. The individual piece was my responsibility, and we put together the couple’s piece with the help of the teacher”, concluded the student.

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