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At the 19th edition of Dia de la Musica, Mazatlecos, foreign residents, and tourists gathered in Plazuela Machado and in the streets that surround it giving free rein to joy and making the public space the perfect setting to dance, sing and celebrate life.

Last Saturday, as the sun began to set, hundreds and hundreds of people gathered in the heart of Centro Historico ready to have an unbeatable musical experience.

The setting of Plazuela Machado was for many the first stop on an exciting, provocative, cathartic and relaxing journey in pursuit of joy and fun.

The walking fiesta that celebrated its 20th anniversary this 2023, was organized, produced and presented by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte and it was its General Director, Raúl Rico González, who on the stage of the Machado, welcomed the public and presented the line-up.

The festival began sharply at 7 in the evening with a performance by the Pop Concert group whose members delighted with songs that made the public travel a few years back to remember hits by artists such as The Beatles, Abba, Lady Gaga, the Bee Gees, Whitney Houston, and Queen, among others, managed to place win over the great masses.

Each of the songs performed by Ana Elena Morales accompanied by top-level musicians, most of them trained at the CMA School of Music, received loud applause from the audience, who thus thanked this young group also led by Víctor Osuna; all dedicated their performance to the memory of maestra and renowned violinist Mónica Osuna.

Mazatlán Historian Enrique Vega Ayala took the stage to offer a brief account of the history of the Día de la Música festival, a project started in 2003 with the purpose of attracting the public and revitalizing the economic life of the oldest tourist area in the city.

Afterwards, he introduced the Municipal President of Mazatlán, Edgar González Zatarain, who reiterated his government’s commitment to support culture.

Accompanied by his wife, María Teresa Apocada Muñoz, González Zatarain presented an award to Alfredo Gómez Rubio Lemmen Meyer, for supporting Marisa Gastelum’s idea from the beginning, who had shared her experience at a music festival in Paris.

Twenty years later, Mazatlán celebrates a successful version of the walking fiesta in the streets of Centro Historico, a festival that was born as a result of that conversation between Marisa, Alfredo and Kiko Domínguez, members of Proyecto Centro Histórico, A.C.

Upon receiving his recognition, the restaurant entrepreneur thanked those who have made the emergence and development of Dia de la Musica possible, supported by members of Proyecto Centro Histórico, A.C. and the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán.

The party continued with the performance of the Ángela Peralta Choir, whose soloists sang with gusto and moved with ease when addressing the repertoire of the Spanish zarzuela and captivated the audience by interpreting the most successful choruses and romances of this musical genre.

The party at Machado continued with the performance of musicians from the Camerata Mazatlán who offered a concert directed by guest director Sergio Freeman Osuna who scored a ten when presenting to the public a creative and cultural project that shares music for video games and television.

The dark cloak of night gave greater clarity and spectacularity to the images of cartoons and video games projected on the central screen that moved the spectators when listening to the orchestra during the interpretation of the Dragon Ball intro, the Pokemon theme and the soundtrack of Mario Bros, among others.

The Chéjere group was fortunate to close the XIX edition of Music Day. His performance was distinguished with the applause of the audience due to the fact of having a unique experience by listening to an exquisite combination of son jarocho with rhythms, melodies and cadences from different countries seasoned with a noticeable influence of African music.

The members of Chéjere said goodbye to the public and thanked all the people who worked to make this (the Dia de la Musica festival) possible.

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