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In the middle of the Olas Altas boardwalk and facing the sea, thousands of Mazatlecos, foreign residents, and tourists gave free rein to their party spirit, raised their hands, applauded, sang, laughed, and danced during the XIX edition of Dia de la Musica.

The open-air party organized by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán brought together people of all ages on the asphalt, from children to senior citizens.

In response to CULTURA’s invitation, the public came to the Olas Altas stage to enjoy the rhythm, lyrics and melody of the songs offered by the great musical groups presented at the magical festival to celebrate Dia de la Musica.

At 7:30 p.m. the party opened with the Percussion Ensemble of the Municipal Arts Center (CMA) led by Julián Vilchis, Omar Ríos and Max Carreón, who accompanied by their students: Miguel Moreno, Javier Brito, Francisco López, Nahuiollin , Joshua Tejeda, Ricardo Medina and Juan Heredia, played and sang great hits such as: Afro imagen, Música para cacerolas, Cumbia Zampo sana, Tequila and La Cachita.

An hour later, the Banda La Más Caliente led by Juan Sánchez and his team made up of Daniel Palomares, Gael Quintero, Alejandro Gil, Alberto Mascorro, Adrián Lizárraga, Jordy Márquez and Jesús Lizárraga, who brightened up the night by sharing their good vibe and rhythm to delight with their hits: Más Caliente, La Chona, Sapito, Lolita la Cevichera, Because I Love You, La Ratota, Dale Biberón, Juana La Cubana, El Venado, Paso Monky and Happy Happy.

At that point, the coastal promenade had become a colossal dance floor as the spectators allowed themselves to be conquered by the banda and tropical music.

Banda Maz Candela brought the party to a close with a boisterous performance directed by Luis Enrique Félix and the musical accompaniment of Tanya Ortiz, Adrián Walton, Irving, Sotelo, Víctor Saldaña, Santiago Rosa, Humberto and Abraham.

In their repertoire they included:Prefiero ser tu amante, Para no verte más, Oye, Luchadores, El viejo del sombrero, La cadenita, Que bello, Mil horas, Manos arriba, La gatita, Popurrí merengue, La Chona, Pelotero, Cacahuates, Eternamente bella, Selena disco, Pásame la botella, Levántame las manos, 1,2,3, Carnaval, Que nadie sepa mi sufrir and they closed with a flourish by getting almost everyone to dance to the rhythm of the famous Payaso de Rodeo.

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